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Jaspal Bhatti's Daughter Raabiya Bhatti Ventures Into Fashion Blogging With 'Stylish Stumbles'

By: Prakriti | January 4, 2018

Raabiya Bhatti, the daughter of legendary satirist Jaspal Bhatti does not want to be an actor or even enter the same line! Ask her why and she says that she has her goals clear and wants to step up to something different and not follow what everyone else is doing.

A confident young girl, Raabiya is into Fashion Designing and has started writing blogs with unbiased views on gender, age and body shape. Talking to her in an exclusive chit chat, we found out about her blog Stylish Stumbles and her thought behind it :

What is Stylish Stumbles all about ?

It is my personal blog where I would present fashion in a new sense. It won’t be a clichéd blog like the ones found on internet but something which would be relatable to the audience. When talking about fashion, I would keep no bar while writing about age, colour, body or gender. This world is imperfect, we all are imperfect then why create virtual worlds which are perfect and simply un-relatable.

Your parents are legendary satirists, satire must be in your genes. Would you be using satire anywhere?

Of course! Satire can be in any form, for me it is in my writings. If you read my blogs you would know that the satire that comes to me from my parents has been used in my blogs. Maybe that is the expression I use when I write. The name of my blog is Stylish Stumbles, the tagline says “Where Fashion meets Humour” and I write about the pitfalls of people who are picture perfect.

Haven’t you ever thought about being an actor or a part of the acting school which was started by your father and is now run by your brother Jasraj?

My parents have always given me the freedom of choosing my own career without any pressure. I have been told to pursue my passion and work in the industry that interests me. Hence, I chose Fashion Designing. Jasraj found his love for film making way too early, I was still a child then. He pursued his passion and I used to be his model during those days. Since then, when I experienced acting, I realized that I don't want to be in this line..I never wanted to pursue acting as a career.

As I grew up my interest in fashion increased and I did Fashion Designing. My parents always taught me to follow my heart and they have supported me in my decisions well.

Would you ever want to be a satirist like your parents?

I can’t imagine myself being a satirist. My parents have been acing this art but I don't think I can ever meet their levels. So I never plan to be one.

It is great to see how this young girl isn’t following the age old saying 'doctor de bche doctor te vakeel de bche vakeel ee bnde ne'! She is independent and passion driven at such a young age. Her blogs say a lot about her up bringing where she doesn’t divide the society into categories, she looks at a real world, writes about real things and believes that imperfection is completely normal.

Kudos to Raabiya Bhatti for this new start and here's wishing her all the best  for 'STYLISH STUMBLES'.

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