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Kim Kardashian Wants To Be Legal Intern

By: IANS | December 21, 2017

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian, whose late father Robert Kardashian was an attorney, has offered to be an intern for her attorney Mike Kumps law firm.

Kim made the offer after Kump said he thought she had the "perfect instincts" and "great judgement" needed to be a good lawyer, reports

In a Snapchat video, Kump said: "Kim, I've been doing this for 35 years and I said you missed your calling. You really should be a lawyer. That's what you need to be.

He added: "You've got the perfect instincts, you've got great judgment, and you know how to present your position in the most articulate manner and convince people of your point of view. Will you please join my law firm?"

In reply, Kim said: "I'll just be an intern. When things slow down, all I want to do is be an intern on like, a really exciting Howard Weitzman/Shawn Holley case."

Her lawyer replied: "You're hired! Immediately."

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