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Didn't Fit Mould Of A Girl: Ruby Rose

By: IANS | December 19, 2017

Actress Ruby Rose, who identifies herself as "gender fluid", has praised the increasing acceptance of different gender identities in today's society. She says she has never "fit the mould of a girl".

Rose says she is neither a man or a woman and feels the world is improving for those like her, reports

"When I was really young, my own understanding was that you had to be either a boy or a girl and I didn't feel like I fit the mould of a girl," the 31-year-old told Self magazine.

Rose has credited celebrities like Annie Lennox, David Bowie, Prince and Madonna with helping her to understand and accept her own gender identity.

She now hopes to be seen as a role model.

"I definitely always keep in mind that what I do is going to influence other people, young or old, whatever, I want to make sure that the person they look up to is the same person that they looked up to in the beginning," Rose said.

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