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This Punjabi Video Director's Work Has Caught Our Attention, Isn't It So Well Done?

By: Harloveen | December 16, 2017

A new song titled 'Manzar' just got released on T-series and it's video caught our attention for being so well shot that we'd just hope that our Punjabi video makers could take some inspiration from it. 

We contacted the video director, G S Kohli, to know how he managed to conceptualise this beautifully captured project and he shared quite a few details with us. 

"Manzar portrays the story of  an Indian officer serving in the British army during World War 1. This concept was initially based on the  story of a Sikh soldier, somewhat inspired from the Oscar winning film 'The English Patient', but due to some visa issues, the singer Rana Shaad was not able to travel to Ukraine ( where the video was filmed )."
The lyrics of the song were inspired from a short story of an Indian soldier whose return from the battle field was awaited by his newly wed wife. This was the brief situation given by G S Kohli while writing the song. He has even composed it while Rana Shaad penned the lyrics besides lending his mesmerizing voice to it.


The video was shot in December 2016 in Ukraine by the crew from GSK Productions Ukraine, amidst freezing cold temperature that ranged from -10 to -20 degrees. That is probably the reason why the winter look is so eyeball grabbing yet authentic. 
Song: Manzar
Singer: Rana Shaad
Music: GSK
Lyrics: Rana Shaad
Video: GSK
Music Label: T-Series

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