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Throwback: When Plates And Chairs Were Thrown At Jazzy B In A Wedding Function!

By: Prakriti | February 17, 2018

Jaswinder Singh Bains, more popularly known as Jazzy Bains or Jazzy B has a huge fan following globally. Not only do people follow him for his songs but also his fashion sense. From his boots to his blingy clothes and not to forget his over the top hairstyles, make his fans as unique as himself.

But sometimes, fans do get into an adverse mode and that is exactly what happened with Jazzy a last year when he was performing at a wedding function.

While performing, Jazzy's fans got fanatic and one of them got adamant to get a picture clicked with him. He was so rigid that he wanted to get on the stage for a selfie with the artist. What followed was horrifying! 

This incident is from a wedding function at Kartarpur, last year. Jazzy B was booked to perform there and like many, he clicked selfies with many at the function but not after he went on stage. 

One guy from the crowd dancing on his tunes, became rigid on the fact that he had to click a selfie with Jazzy on the stage. This was obviously not a request worth accepting, keeping in mind the fact that this particular person was highly intoxicated. 

The youth wanted to come on stage in the middle of the show  and get a selfie with the Pop singer but the bouncers denied his entry and a fight broke out. Jazzy couldn’t take a selfie in the middle of the show but he announced and assured that he would be getting a picture with his fans as he finishes the show.

The guy didn't listen and being annoyed, he and his fellow gang became infuriated. Jazzy B's response didn't go down well with them and suddenly the bouncers and this particular gang started fighting on stage.

Some of the bouncers even got injured.

According to  reports in a leading newspaper, the fight was so bad that plates and chairs were thrown at the singer.

This is the most unethical thing to do to an artist, especially by people who get high at the weddings. 


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