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Simon Cowell Struggling To Quit Smoking

By: IANS | December 4, 2017

Music mogul Simon Cowell says he is struggling to quit the smoking and his drinking habit.

The music mogul vowed to cut down on alcohol and smoking after being rushed to hospital following a fall at his London home in October.

But he says he hasn't got very far, reports

He said: "I knocked myself out, and when I woke up, I thought, ‘Is this heaven?' Then after I realised it wasn't, I thought I had broken my neck because the medics wouldn't let me move. I was thinking, ‘Christ almighty.'

"You don't know what's wrong, and neither do they, so it is scary. But I had every test under the sun and all they could find was low blood pressure. It has still been a wake-up call though. Up to that point, I was working flat out. Now I've quietened down a bit and I'm sleeping better.

"I'm not going to lie though -- whenever I'm seen out it's with a cigarette and a beer in my hand. So I think I've been rumbled as far as that goes.

At the moment, Cowell is busy judging "X Factor".

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