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Lack Of Originality : Yet Another Copied Beat Surfaces And This Time It's By DJ Flow!

By: Kirat | December 1, 2017

A few days ago, social media was ablaze due to Deep Jandu's copied beats but sadly, our Punjabi music producers seem to be out of originality cs this time DJ Flow has picked up an exact beat for Mankirat Aulakh's new song 'Jatt Di Clip' and we're just wondering ke eh saare ehne paise fer kis cheez de charge krde ne jdki kam ta sara copied aa!

Mankirat's freshly released song 'Jatt Di Clip' has the exact same beats as Tupac & Scarface's 1997 release 'Smile'.

Check out the original song 'Smile' :

Now hear 'Jatt Di Clip' :

Disappointing ya! 


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