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Did You Know : Babbu Maan Was Once Detained On Foreign Land For This Shocking Reason!

By: Prakriti | December 4, 2017

Many don’t know that the Punjabi singer with 'kattad fans', Babbu Maan, was once arrested on foreign land and that too for no fault of his.

Yes! Punjabi singer - actor Tejinder Singh Maan (Babbu Maan) made it to the news when he was arrested in Manila, Philippines. This happened in the year 2013, December. The news hit all the leading news papers and channels. His fans were startled to hear about his arrest.


Maan was in Manila for a benefit concert for "Yolanda" victims but he didn't have a work permit for that country, as told by the new agencies.

He and his troupe held the concert at Cuneta Astrodome in Pasay. Sources revealed that  the troupe performed at the revenue-generating concert on December 4 allegedly without procuring a Special Working Permit from the Philippines government. This led them to great into trouble and make it to the headlines too. The news spread like wild fire and was later confirmed by the Philippines Bureau of Immigration. The news that the singer and his troupe was released soon after, was in the air.

Here is what the singer had to say about the whole incident, on a Radio Show:

The singer was vocal about the incident later in many of his interviews. He narrated the whole episode with great amount of confidence saying that such a thing happened and he was even put behind bars for it. He said that the major fault was of the promoter, who didn’t take a work permit to save some of his money. He sat at the immigration office all night and was baffled while the news was all around. Boys there collected money to let them out, but the authorities wanted a guarantee  from the Indian embassy which didn't happen and he was thrown in jail. Babbu confessed that he met his fans inside the jail and they welcomed him with love and respect. Later around his friends helped him to get out.

Source : The Tribune 

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