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Yashpal Sharma Had 'Tough Time' Rehearsing For 'Panchlait'

By: IANS | November 16, 2017

Actor Yashpal Sharma, who will next be seen in period drama film "Panchlait", says he had a tough time while rehearsing and shooting for the film, which required him to have rustic characteristics.

Based in 1954, the film has been shot mostly in real locations in the interiors of India.

"We really tried to make it a family film where we can showcase the real culture of India, taking it back to the roots from where we belong. It was quite natural to incorporate the village dialect -- and the regional colloquial language in the film," Prem Modi, director of "Panchlait", said in a statement.

"Panchlait" tells the story of a kerosene lamp, which plays an integral part in a villagers life and possessing one is a mark of honour.

Yashpal said: "Any period film is a result of tremendous amount of research. While we put all our efforts in production design, very few people can incorporate that research into nuanced dialogues. Hats off to our director, Premji for really giving that much attention to details."

"It is a different story that we actors had a tough time rehearsing and mouthing those dialects. I hail from Haryana, even then it was a task to get the dialect spot on. We interacted with the locals and organised live workshops before and during the shoot to perfect the dialogues," he added.

Besides Yashpal, "Panchlait" will also feature Rajesh Sharma, Ravi Jhankal, Brijendra Kala and Lalit Parimoo. It will release on Friday.

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