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Kaley Cuoco Obsessed With Dirt Biking

By: IANS | November 7, 2017

Actress Kaley Cuoco cannot get enough of dirt biking and mountain biking after her boyfriend Karl Cook inspired her to take part in activities outside of her comfort zone.

"Karl is a big adventure seeker and he encourages me to do things that are outside of my comfort zone, like mountain biking and dirt biking," Cuoco told

"I did it, and now I'm obsessed, and I had the best time. We did it in Hawaii and of course, now I want to be gung-ho and do it. He is getting me to be more adventurous than I am."

She said she is "completely in love" with Cook after they bonded over horses.

"He is totally the guy. I think the common denominator is the horses, it just works for us. We have this special bond so yeah, the animals. He's so real. I've never met a kinder human being, he's gentle, and he's real. I'm completely in love with him. Nothing could be better," she said.

Cuoco, 31, owns three dogs and said another one could be coming to live with her if Cook gets his way.

She said: "Karl informed me actually a few days ago that he wanted to rescue another bulldog, so I think we're going to go get another bulldog. It doesn't matter at this point, any dog is welcome in my house apparently."

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