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Hollywood Condemns NYC Terror Attack

By: IANS | November 1, 2017

Popular Hollywood celebrities like Taylor Swift, Zoe Saldana, Sam Smith and Jared Leto have strongly condemned the attack in Lower Manhattan and paid their condolences to the victims.

Eight persons were killed and 12 injured after a truck ploughed into pedestrians in Lower Manhattan in New York on Tuesday. The suspect has been arrested.

"Quantico" actress Priyanka Chopra said the attack took place just five blocks away from her house here.

"This happened five blocks from my home. As I drive back home from work, dreary sirens remind me that this is the state of the world. NYC. Peace," Priyanka, who keeps juggling between India and the US, tweeted on Wednesday.

Here's what Hollywood celebrities posted over social media after the incident:

Taylor Swift: I love you New York.

Sam Smith: New York. My heart is with you always and forever. Devastating news. My soul and heart is with the victims and their loved ones. Horrific.

Josh Groban: Oh my God, I just heard gun shots and ran with my dog. I hope everyone's OK. Was half a block from me, didn't see it but heard 8-19 quick rounds fired off. Be safe with your kids out there.

Bette Midler: Terror attack in NYC, not far from 9/11. Deepest condolences to the families of those murdered; and those involved who are scarred forever.

Billy Eichner: This is sad and horrifying. Sending love to everyone there.

Patricia Arquette: This is a terrible day. Families will be mourning their loved ones tonight. This is an action is the worst of mankind. #NYC.

Jared Leto: Sending love to NYC on this tragic and heartbreaking day.

Zoe Saldana: My heart is broken. Sending prayers to all the victims whose lives were taken today in NYC.

Ryan Seacrest: My heart goes out to those who have lost loved ones today in NYC. Such a cowardly act.

Boy George: God bless you New York. You are a strong, vibrant, multicultural city and nothing will ever bring you down! My heart is with you!

Will Arnett: I love NY.

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