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Bhalwan Singh Review : Decent Film With A Rather Abrupt End, Ranjit Bawa Wins As Bhalwan Singh!

By: Gurleen | October 28, 2017

The trailer did disappoint us but the film 'Bhalwan Singh' starring Ranjit Bawa, Karamjit Anmol, Navpreet Banga, Manav Vij and many others, has emerged as a winner and trust me that's got nothing to do with any humdrum comedy or romantic sequences in the movie. Rather, I would say, it was the absence of these repetitive elements that has given this film some freshness. 

Bhalwan Singh is the story of a man who strives to prove that he's worthy and in this tryst becomes a butt of jokes. He is shown to be in love with Veera, a warrior by choice who is a part of a group of dacoits. The group is headed by a supposed Robinhood played by Manav Vij. The entire film is based in the pre-independence era and one can see English actors in the film as well. Basically, the story revolves around a land mass that is to be converted into a jail and it is against this step by the gori sarkar that these villagers are fighting. Amalgamated with Bhalwan and Veera's sweet love story, 'Bhalwan Singh' is a different take of cinema, definitely not something that we've seen in the past two years atleast. 

The first half of the film is romantically shot and focuses more on Karamjit Anmol's (Ranjit's childhood friend) jokes, which actually make you giggle. A few developing shots for the storyline, a song or two and then we get to eat our popcorns. Towards the second half, there is a sudden transition and Bhalwan Singh's brainy pehelwaniat comes afloat. Suddenly, things start turning in his favour and we feel glad about it. What's important to note is that throughout the film, we did not see any side actor trying to save the soul of the film. None of the actors have been given a part to overshadow the lead cast and as Bhalwan Singh Ranjit proves to be a winner. Karamjit Anmol does well in his bit too, rather his jokes are pretty subtle, well timed and circumstantial. 

I carried home the dialogue 'laung, laachi, feem!" (long live the Queen)

As Veera, Navpreet Banga has done a great job and it's hard to believe that she's a debutante. But what makes us wonder is the fact that how many more movies will feature a super toned framework like hers, she's definitely not a typical Punjabi actress material. Let's wait till we see her again on the big screen which we surely want as she's done a worthy job in this film. 

The story and screenplay were comparatively weak and the Director of the film tried his best to capture all that he could and somehow managed to sail through. 

The most disappointing part of the film was it's abrupt that it made us frown. It could have been better..atleast better than this. 

A breezy love story and an entertaining journey to find one's hidden strength, Bhalwan Singh, is worth a watch this weekend. 

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