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Meghan Markle Pregnant With Prince Harry's Child!

By: IANS | October 27, 2017

Actress Meghan Markle is reportedly pregnant with Prince Harry's child.

The "Suits" actress is three months pregnant, reports.

"It's unexpected to say the least -- to have a baby out of wedlock would risk creating quite a scandal for the royal family -- but Harry and Meghan are eager to build a family together. The sooner the better," said a source.

The 33-year-old British prince "couldn't be happier, even if they may ruffle some feathers. Besides, the royal family has weathered worse", the source added.

The couple is said to have broken their alleged baby news to the Queen.

"Supposedly, she didn't mince words and told them it was 'a most unfortunate situation'. But she'll always support them. Now, it's up to her to consult with royal advisers about how to handle such a shocking development and what it may mean for a wedding date," said the source.

Markle will be moving to London and make it "her new, permanent home" after finishing the filming of season 7 of "Suits".

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