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Jagmeet Singh's Sikh Avatar Becomes An Inspiration For Today's Youth - Quora

By: Kirat | October 20, 2017

A recent question asked on Quora grabbed our attention and we were happy to see the reference being used in it. Someone asked 'Why do Sikhs cut their hair' and the answer by a guilty Sikh girl refers to Jagmeet Singh, the newly elected leader of Canada's leftist New Democratic Party (NDP), as her inspiration to turn back to Sikhi.

Check out what she had to say:

Sikh religion forbids cutting/trimming hair from the body. It believes in Khalas saroop i.e. pure form. We should go back to the guru the way he sent us.

Coming to the question, I qualify to answer as I get my eyebrows plucked, which is one form of kesh katal as trimming of beard.

The first time I got my eyebrows shaped was in 2014, which was my final year in college. I never believed in superficial beauty, the real beauty lies within. This temperament kind of got overshadowed when I realised that there is no place for inner beauty in this world.

I tried to avoid it. The longest that I have avoided going to the salon is 1.5 months. Not because I didn't get time from work(I have salon in my office!) , but I wanted to be used to the way God made me. But it seems my self-control game is still overpowered by the worldly pleasures. I remember how guilty I felt when I stepped out of the salon!

Also, I have long hair, very long. I am identified as Sikh because of my long hair. I am complimented everyday for it. I am very grateful to Waheguru for this. This actually gives me a thought that if I can accept the hair on my head, I have to accept every other hair on my body. I hope I embrace Guru’s gift and take up Amrit soon!

BTW for the Sikh guys who think girls don't like guys with beard, see him <3 :-

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