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Social Media Comments Affect Me: Varun Dhawan

By: IANS | September 16, 2017

Bollywood actor Varun Dhawan, who loves being popular on social media, says trolls are criticism affect him.

"I use social media and while positive comments motivate me to work harder, negative comment and criticism depress my mind; especially it made me conscious about my films. A negative review of the film, or even one-liner negative comments on my films affect me," Varun, who was present here at the 'Jagran Cinema Summit - Future of Cinema' on Friday evening, said.

"We are rather living a disciplined life. Nothing is off camera. Going out for a date is difficult, I have no time. That's a different story. But at a party, we cannot go high or something as everyone is doing Facebook live, Instagram videos. However, I love the love that people give us," the "Badlapur" actor said.
Talking about his early days, he said that like many newcomers, even he struggled.

"I, along with my friend, used to do auditions and get rejected everywhere. I auditioned for 'Dhobi Ghat', auditioned for some of the TV series etc. but got rejected everywhere. Then I applied for the post of Assistant Director at Dharma Production. Since I had long hair in those days, I was told to cut my hair to get the job."

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