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Oh God! This Teacher Struck A Class 3 Student 40 Times Before Dragging Him By His Tie!

By: News Desk | August 31, 2017

A little boy is slapped mercilessly and repeatedly, without pause, by his teacher in a video from a classroom in Uttar Pradesh's Lucknow, allegedly for not responding to the attendance call. The Class 3 student was struck 40 times by the enraged teacher, according to his family and classmates.

"She is not a teacher but a monster," says a comment on the widely shared video leaked from a private school.

Footage from the CCTV camera fitted in the classroom shows close to forty children, stunned as they watched their teacher Retika V John snatch a sheet of paper from the boy and slap him mercilessly with both her hands. The teacher is also seen dragging the child by his tie.

Police said she has been booked for causing hurt, based on a complaint by the boy's father.

The boy said he could not respond to the roll call by the teacher as he was engrossed in drawing.

When he reached home after school yesterday, his face was swollen and he appeared unusually listless to his parents. When his parents contacted his friends, they found out, to their horror, how their son had been assaulted in class.

The parents then met the school principal, who checked the CCTV footage which purportedly showed the teacher slapping the slapping and dragging the boy.

The teacher has been sacked.

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