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When The World Around Us Was Burning, Our Punjabi Celebs Were Busy Uploading 'Silly' Snapchats!

By: Gurleen | August 26, 2017

If you go ahead and get a chance to converse with just anyone who witnessed the havoc created by Sacha Sauda Dera chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh's gundas yesterday, then he would say that it was the worst thing ever he could have gone through. Be it Panchkula, Punjab or Haryana, the condition was life threatening.

People could see smoke rising, could smell the tear gas and hear bullet shots and screams right outside their homes. No one knew if they were next to be attacked by the fanatic baba followers. Relatives placed all over the globe reached out to their loved ones in India to confirm their well being and time and again media houses and even Bollywood celebs kept posting re-assuring words and comforting news to keep people calm that things will soon be in control. 

But throughout the whole day, we didn't see our Punjabi celebs (except Wamiqa, Inder Nagra and just one or two more) bothering much about what's happen around them. When the world around us was burning down, they were busy posting silly Snapchat stories of themselves. Some were seen posting wedding show videos, some were enjoying playtime, some were experimenting with the latest Snapchat filters, some wanted support for their songs released yesterday, some were clicking selfies with their bffs, some were busy posting about their shootingaa, some were busy teaching people how to make health shakes and the others were doing their red head stuff, but none cared to write one word of comfort to those who look upto them as their idols. 

How much times does it take to write "Guys please take care, stay safe, stay indoors, things will be fine, have faith!" ?? Not even 5 seconds! What harm would a "Sad to see what's happening in Panchkula and Punjab, but make sure you stay strong" kinda statement do to them??

It would have just shown the fans and followers of our 'beloved' Punjabi celebs that they care for those who are amidst that state of horror, those fans who make them super stars, who cry when they post a picture of themselves quoting 'unwell' or 'fever', etc, those fans who stand in queues for hours just to see a glimpse of their favourite star.

It's sad to see how commercially inflicted our industry is, you give them a money package and they'll be jumping all over the place, campaigning, crying, laughing but without that, they just don't care or rather..they just don't feel the pain of anyone else but themselves.

Sad, disappointing yet true! 

Atleast, Bollywood had the heart to write something about what was happening yesterday..sharam kro.

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