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Rapper Chance Claims To Have Bigger Voice Than Trump

By: IANS | August 10, 2017

Rapper Chance believes he has an influential voice in society in the US and has even boasted about having a larger platform than the current US President Donald Trump.

"I just have a larger platform than all platforms. I have a bigger voice than Donald Trump, than literally anybody who works in politics," Chance said on a podcast.

"I can connect with people on the level of appealing as a person who is still being a citizen, as a person who does what he wants. But I have ideas on how to voice opinions and ideas that other people just don't have," he added, reports

The 24-year-old also stressed on the pressure hip-hip artists have where they have to project a "hard" persona. 

He did, however, acknowledge that the scenario is changing for black musicians like himself.

"I think there's just always been a quiet conversation and joke that if you're not hard, if you're not from an impoverished neighbourhood, if you're not certain constructs of a black stereotype, then you're not black," he said.

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