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Everybody Should Go Blonde Once: Celebrity Hairstylist Asha Hariharan

By: IANS | July 26, 2017

It wasn't long ago when actress Sonakshi Sinha got trolled for sporting blonde hair with a white sari and a colourful pallu at an awards ceremony in the US. But people must try the golden look once in their lifetime, suggests popular hairstylist Asha Hariharan.

While stars shone bright at the IIFA gala earlier this month, Sonakshi stood out due to her blonde tresses. Some compared her look to a bird, and others simply labelled it "horrifying".

Asked what went wrong, Asha, who has worked with stars like Hema Malini and Priyanka Chopra, told IANS: "I think everybody in their lifespan should go blonde once. The kind of blonde that she (Sonakshi) wore doesn't work. If you look at her skin tone, she has a very typical 'Indian' skin tone and features.

"It's not wrong to wear blonde, but the amount of blonde she has worn is wrong and so is the placement. You have to have someone who will calculate how much is right and what will completely work," she added. 

Sonakshi isn't the only one who chose to go blonde. Actresses like Kareena Kapoor Khan and Bipasha Basu have also confidently rocked the look in the past.

Going by the hair trends in the coming year, blonde, which comes in a number of shades, will continue to be people's favourite in India.

"A lot of personality types have been celebrated. Therefore, the trend has been varied. You have goth glam, which is very dark maroon and brown. There is also elegant hair which has tremendous shine... High shine with colours that are muted and sophisticated are in," she said.

"The very vibrant ones on hair will take a little bit of backseat next year. But brown, gold and maroon will be big even next year. So, platinum blonde, gold blonde and ash blonde will be absolutely favourites of people here," she added.

But why is there an obsession for colouring black hair blonde? Is it because of inspiration from the West?

"I don't think we are only inspired by the West. That's not the only reason. It's a colour difficult to achieve, and it's also the colour that throws out. Blondes throw out shine from hair. So the entire romance like the beach hair and world travelled hair... Everybody wants it because everyone is a free soul today.

"Whether you talk about the older generation or young people... On the one hand, they are world citizens and, on the other, they are very private. Blonde somehow is always the colour that represents that state of mind," she said.

She also warned against doing it at home without proper guidance.

"You always have two types of products -- one is the professional range which is highly concentrated. There is a certain mechanism, how we deliver results... whether we are talking about suiting the complexion (and the like).

"Then you have the hair colour that can be used at home. These have different formulations. It is important that the hair colourist is trained in a holistic manner. Just teaching you how a product works is not enough. You have to understand how a product complements a client.

"You need to understand your client's profile in terms of skin colour and lifestyle," added the Godrej Professional consultant, who was in the capital for the launch of Godrej Professional. 

She is also tied up with two Bollywood projects.

"There are two films, but I can't talk about them. Hopefully, these should unfold next year," she said.


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