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Felt Insecure Aabout Myself: YouTube Star Prajakta Koli

By: IANS | June 7, 2017

YouTube star Prajakta Koli says she was not happy with her appearance and credits digital media for liberating her from her insecurities.

"More than anybody else shaming me, I used to feel insecure about myself," Prajakta said in a statement.

She added: "I have grown up a very tanned child because I used to play a lot of sports back in school, I loved going to the beach. Even right now, I am always tanned because I am always out and that used to get to me so much."

"I used to feel like I am not fair and I don't have right skin tone, I felt my nose is ugly, for three years my face was decorated with pimples everywhere. It was crazy and it was a hard time for me," she said.

"So, more than anybody else shaming me, I was not happy with my body. After I started doing YouTube, I realised that it is so liberating to be okay with the body that you have and when you love yourself, everything seems okay! Like now I don't think I am enough comfortable or I am enough confident in life like I was feeling ever before."

Prajakta, a former radio presenter, is busy with her channel, managed by One Digital Entertainment (a digital video and creator network). She came out with a new video "Be Shameless" about body shaming.

Prajakta says, "A lot of people ask me that the songs these days are all about fair skin and the perfect body, the media is scrutinising you".

"That's the point I am trying to make in my song. I am not here to change the world, I haven't made the song to change the world or to tell everybody to not judge people. I have made this song to tell the people who are being judged to not give the world an authority to judge them," she added.

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