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I Get Hints From The Almighty Says Ace Story Writer Jass Grewal

By: Prakriti | May 1, 2017

Establishing one's name in the Punjabi film industry is not an easy task. It takes a lot of time for even those who are in front of the camera and when it comes to those behind the camera, luck and talent is what outshines them from the rest.

Jass Grewal is not an unfamiliar name and is certainly not just another writer in Punjabi film industry. He is that man who gave a new perspective to the industry. The stories that he writes are not star driven or plain entertainers, they are deep, relatable and those which are cherished for the ones who've watched them on the big screen. Years back when all we could see was senseless comedy, this man gave us a subject to think about through Gippy and Zareen's film titled Jatt James Bond. All credits to Gippy Grewal for his spectacular performance but the man behind the movie was Jass Grewal, who gave such an amazing, suspense oriented script. Jass has been in the industry since long but he gained recognition only after delivering super hit movies like Jatt James Bond, Bambukat and Rabb Da Radio.

Talking to Jass Grewal, we realised that besides being a creative story writer, he also has excellent management skills. Here's what the full conversation was like:

Before being a script writer you were an assistant director, how did you manage to get into story writing?

I have a habit of observing things. I always had stories in my mind and wanted to give my script for movies. But then I knew that if I want to enter the line I have to do something different. Only the odd one out gets noticed.

While working as an assistant director in a movie, I met Gippy Grewal and narrated a story to him. An year later he called and said “Let’s do that movie”. I was elated but had deep faith in my story. We worked on it and Jatt James Bond was the product. It got noticed and made way for me to enter the industry as a script writer.

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Even after my entry, I always knew that I have to be different if people want to notice me. The urge to be unique yet original made me write another offbeat movie and this time it was Bambukat.

We’ve noticed that you always give a special place to female characters in your movies unlike many others where Punjabi actresses are as good as a prop. Is that your USP?

This world has male and females both then how can you even think that the story can only revolve around male characters. I give equal importance to both the genders and I don’t think any gender is less important. Keeping in mind the importance of both always completes the story in a good way, and that is exactly what I do.

Pakko, Guddi, Naseeb Kaur, such strong women oriented roles you’ve written. What was the thought process behind these roles?

Women are strong human beings. When I wrote my stories, all I wanted to show was the strength they have and how deeply they think. My characters were inspired by real people. I've just inscribed them onto a reel character and it makes me happy that they've left a mark.

Who is your favourite amongst these characters - Pakko, Guddi or Naseeb Kaur?

Pakko is undoubtedly a role that I love. Her role was deep, piercing one's heart and the best part is that Simi, who is an immensely talented girl, did that role. It added more value to the character.

When do you plan casting for your penned characters? Before writing about the character, while writing about the character or once you are done writing?

It is funny but most of the roles that I write I see Simi fitting into them well. I am a fan of Simi’s work. She has great potential and adds substance to the character.

From where do you get such different subjects for the scripts that you write?

It’s a hint from the almighty. Trust me, I get hints and I trust my instincts because they give me ideas. I tend to get ideas through dreams or things that I come across. Anything worth narrating, I pen it down.

Rabb Da Radio had such an amazing script. Why did you take a chance with a debut director?

I have been working with Taranvir since a long time now. We have assisted in movies together. I have seen his work and his passion of delivering the best, and this was the main reason why I chose to work with him. Taran took advice, listened to me and we discussed things. I am glad we worked together.

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When one works with seasoned directors, not many a times do we see discussions happening so I am happy to work with newcomers who are open to take advice and talk about their ideas as well.

Rabb Da radio had a lot of negative promotion too.What was the reason behind cutting the role of Mandy Takhar, as she claims?

We didn’t cut any of her scenes in the movie. It was just a misunderstanding between us. When she saw the movie she realized that nothing was cut short and the story revolves around her. The movie is being appreciated and everyone is talking about her and the misunderstanding now stands cleared.

Tell us about your future projects

We are currently shooting for Bailaras, an emotional love story, with Binnu Dhillon in the lead and Saab Bahadur, which is releasing on 26th May.

Yet another conversation came to an end with smiles and hasta la vistas but yeah.. we'll keep getting you more such talented people so stay with us :-)

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