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Daisy Shah Finds Backstage 'Mess Up' The Best About Shows

By: Maddy | April 11, 2017

Actress Daisy Shah, once a background dancer, is set for a tour with superstar Salman Khan later this month. She says the best part about live shows is the mess up that happens backstage which the audience doesn't get to know.
She, along with the superstar and other celebrities, will be on a tour from Friday to April 23 in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Auckland in New Zealand, and Sydney and Melbourne in Australia.

Talking about it, Daisy told IANS in an email interaction: "Salman is doing a live tour after 12 years... That itself is quite interesting. He has been like a rock in my life and is a great mentor and an awesome friend to have."

"The best part about live shows is the mess up that happens backstage which audiences really don't know. We tend not to make stupid faces when we miss a step. It's only us and the dancers who know about it. Once the show ends, we generally tend to sit back, discuss and have a good laugh about it."

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She has done just one film -- "Jai Ho" -- with Salman, but says she has known him for a long time.

"This is the first time I am doing a tour as a leading lady and live shows are always different from films. The biggest advantage of doing a film is the possibility of a retake, but when it comes to live shows it's just like plays, there are no retakes.

"I have done many live shows as an assistant choreographer, I have never done a show with Salman before. And now, I'm doing a tour with him as one of his leading actresses," Daisy said.

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