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"Not All Movies Can Be A Hit" - Simi Chahal Exclusive Interview

By: Prakriti | April 10, 2017

“Pakko “from Bambukat garnered all the attention with her debut movie and she did deserve every bit of it. Breaking the stereotype, not choosing the role of a pretty young girl dancing around the trees with the hero, Simi chose to do a unique character.

She played a dark skinned girl who was neglected by the society just because her skin color didn't favour her in terms of suitors. We can rightly say that she was purely judged on the basis of her phenotype. This one dialogue from Bambukat “ Teri keemat taan tere kaam ne pauni hai" went true for the actress and she later bagged the lead role in Priyanka Chopra's maiden Punjabi production Sarvann, opposite Amrinder Gill. Canada based actress Simi is just three movies old but seems like she is here to stay. Bambukat, Sarvaan and now Rabb Da Radio, we saw a set pattern in her movie selection and being inquisitive we called her for a little chit chat and what we got to know is a bag full of interesting details that you too should know.

The foremost question to the actress was about why she is selecting multi starrer movies. Simi got a little confused at the question and then politely reverted that it’s nothing planned.

"It just happened," she says adds further that she only concentrates on her work and the content. Thoughts of a movie being a multi-starrer or single star have never crossed her mind. She says that such thoughts dilute her concentration and dedication and she completely avoids such thoughts.

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"I choose my movie and roles very carefully and never go by names the star cast. My selection is purely on the basis of content the movie has to offer. I am very choosy," laughs Simi.

Simi seems to be confident and secure, probably that's the reason why she has already shared screen space with much senior actors than her.  On asking about what made her say yes to Rabb Da Radio, she promptly replied,

"It is the script of the movie and offcourse the writer of the film Jass Grewal, who is the main reason why I said yes to the film."

The director of the movie Taranvir was a debut director who's previously assisted Dheeraj Rattan and Navaniat Singh, wasn't that a problem?

"Working with a debut director wasn’t a problem because after working in Bambukat I realized that the writer is always on the set and tries and gets the best of what he has written."

Sarvaan was one of the most awaited movies of 2017 but it fell flat at the box office and also our expectations. What really happened?

"I agree and I don't want to surrogate it but not all movies can be a hit. It's fine that the audience didn't like the movie but I still have the enthusiasm to work for another hit in the coming days."

Not at all insecure about sharing space with another actress on-screen, Simi responded very positively to our question that does she get ample screen space and screen time in a multi starrer movie?

She laughed lightly and said, "It’s actually one's performance that one can show in the ten minutes of screen space one gets. If not in those ten minutes, then you can’t do it in the entire movie. Sometimes those ten minutes are enough for you to show your talent and get noticed or at other times not even a full length movie can do any good for you."

What are your plans after Rabb Da Radio?

"I've constantly been working since last year and now I plan to go back to Canada and be at rest."

We did warn her that often new actresses who go for such rests after working constantly get vanished. She is well aware of this fact and confidently said that I am here to stay, I have got movie offers but I am choosy with my roles. I just can’t take up a movie for the sake of it.

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"Content needs to pull me towards it because only then the audience will be attracted for the movie."

Confident and enthusiastic Simi Chahal signed off by saying that she has much more in store for the Punjabi audience in the coming months but for now, she's taking her time off.

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