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Kuwar Amritbir Singh: The 21 Year Old Broke Bruce-Lee’s Record  With Most Fingertip Push-Ups In One Minute

By: Krishma | September 15, 2023

Kuwar Amritbir Singh, the 21 year old lad from Punjab has once again made the entire community proud.

Recently, the fitness enthusiast, Kuwar Amritbir Singh has set another world record by doing the most number of push-ups on fingers in a minute. The achievement becomes even more special as he has broken Bruce Lee’s record in the process.

The 21 year old Amritbir Singh has set a new Guinness World Record after completing 86 pushups with a 20 pound pack on his back, beating the previous world record of 80 by the Martial Arts legend, Bruce Lee. Also Read : Sad News: Former Punjabi Actress Aarti Gauri Passes Away

In an Instagram post shared on his social media handle, Kumar had posted a photograph with the certificate of record. The post was accompanied with the caption which states, “The journey to make my 2nd Record in Guinness Book of World records was started on 9th February, 2023. & I have practiced for just 25 days to Attempt this Record & it wasn't tough for me to break this record ' Yesss !!Because it's a common thing for everyone that we have to work hard if we want to achieve our goals so working hard is not much tougher than the " Patience " which we should have when we are done with our work !!” Also Read : Builder Brand: A Punjabi Song Construction Workers Will Be Proud Of

He concluded the caption by writing, “So at last I would only say that if you have passion to do something or you have done something in which you have Passion, then Never Ever Give Up in your Life 🙌💪🏼 ' Just Keep Working Hard with full dedication, keep improving yourself day by day, believe in yourself & your God, work hard on new skills & Have Patience”. Have a look!

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It is worth-noting that this is the 2nd Guinness World Record set by the youngster. He had earlier achieved a significant milestone last year as he completed 45 push-ups with claps (finger tips) in a minute.



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