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Here’s How Guggu Gill’s Debut Happened Just Because Of A Dog

By: Harleen Kaur | May 27, 2023

We often hear that X actor got that due to the reference of Y director or actor A was taken on board on the recommendation of actor B. But how many of you have heard about someone getting a role in a movie due to his dog?

We guess none of you, because how can a dog be a reason for someone's inclusion in any project? Well, it had actually happened almost 38- years ago from now on, when Daljeet Kaur and Baldev Khosa starrer ‘Putt Jattan De’ was being made. Co-incidentally, the film was being shot in the Mahni Khera locality which is of course known by the name of Guggu Gill in the current times. Also Read : Know Why Jass Bajwa Had To Re-Record All The Songs Of His Debut Album

Nonetheless, during the shoot, director Jagjeet Gill's eyes fell upon Guggu Gill who had come to see the shoot. Gill immediately offered a cameo role to young Kulwinder Singh Gill in the movie. However, being a diehard lover of dogs, Guggu Gill bounced the idea of a dog fight sequence to the director, which he had borrowed from a Pakistani drama.

The director readily agreed to this idea and made all the preparations for this scene. Alongside all these things, director Jagjeet Gill also gave a one liner to Guggu Gill, which further on became an iconic dialogue. The dialogue was- ‘Le bhai Jagirya, Pichle saal da Badla le leya saade kaalu ne.’ Also Read : Did You Know Raj Kapoor Was All Set To Make A Punjabi Film ‘Ik Onkar’ But Couldn’t- Here’s Why?

Although this scene was just a couple of minutes long, it conveniently left a strong impact upon everyone's mind. And Guggu Gill's appearance alongside main antagonist Prakash Gill brought him into the limelight. This sequence went so popular that it pushed Guggu Gill to become a full-time actor. Otherwise prior to ‘Putt Jattan De,’ acting was nowhere in the plans of Guggu Gill.

And we guess you guys are pretty well aware of the further story.

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