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Here’s What Preety Panesar Believes About Body Shaming - Read To Know Her Own Experience With It

By: Krishma | May 24, 2023

Preety Panesar’s journey of a girl from Uganda to becoming a Punjabi singer has been a wonderful experience and an exciting journey. The ‘pageant’ turned ‘singer’ hummed her latest songs, shared about winning the 2009 pageant and talked about her singing in her candid live interview with Ghaint Punjab. 

Born and brought up in Uganda, Preeti always dreamt of being a beauty pageant and loved watching beauty contests as a young girl. ‘It was a wonderful stroke of luck that I won the pageant’ says Preeti. From there on her journey was power-packed by stage shows, fashion shows, and singing came along her way.  Also Read : Exclusive : This Is When Bups Saggu Hit Rock Bottom Of His Career

Preety speaks up on ‘body shaming’

Women have faced body shaming for centuries. If only... if we were accepted as we are. Body-shaming is, unfortunately, happening a lot in the entertainment industry. 

Many Bollywood actresses too such as Sonakshi Sinha, Vidya Balan, Sonam Kapoor have been quite outspoken about the criticism they have faced due to their ‘body type’ from so-called ‘netizens’ and how the criticism took a toll on their mental health.

Preety also admitted that she faced criticism about her weight after the release of her first song. ‘‘Anyone should not comment on anyone’s body shape. It’s their personal choice. Talent should not be overshadowed by how a person looks’’, shares Preeti. But nevertheless, she took body shaming in a positive stride and said it only helped her in becoming a better person. Also Read : Cult Filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali & His Finally Established Punjabi Connection!

Ideal Body Image is a myth. There’s beauty in being flawed. After all, to be flawed is to be human. One should pause and think before spilling wrath and hatred on the basis of someone’s body appearance or how they look. It’s time we pull down the body criticism for once and all and rather focus on what one really has to offer. 

The newly turned singer didn’t reveal her future projects but says there’s something BIG coming up for sure. She shares she was inclined to acting and dancing and also would love to be a part of Punjabi movies in the future. And definitely we would love to see the versatile and talented girl in upcoming Punjabi movies. 

Ghaint Punjab wishes Preety great luck and success for her upcoming projects. Interested in watching the full video? Check it out here: WATCH NOW



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