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Exclusive : This Is When Bups Saggu Hit Rock Bottom Of His Career

By: Harleen Kaur | May 24, 2023

Bups Saggu is known for his peppy beats and catchy music. Lately, he has given some smashing hits ‘Photo Rakh K’, and ‘Matha Tekiya’. ‘Gal Dil Di’ is his latest track. He is also one of the busiest DJs in the show business. In his live interview with Ghaint Punjab, Bups gives us some insight into his personal journey and a lot more.

15 years into the industry, Bups Saggu’s music journey has been no cakewalk. From performing with The Safri Boys as a Dholi, developing the love for DJing, and then going on to become a music producer, Bups’s journey was full of struggles. Also Read : Mandeep Chahal Reveals Roshan Prince’s Vanity Demands On The Movie Set

The time when Bups hit the lowest point in his career

Bups shares in the interview that there was a time when some unforeseen circumstances happened in his family which took a toll on his career. ‘‘ I am a complete family man and family life took over my career at that point in time’’, he shares. 

Also, Bups mother battled with cancer for four long years before she passed away. Nonetheless, the sheer determination and passion for music brought Bups where he is today. Today he is a popular choice among the DJs in the industry. Also Read : From Borrowing Money For Filmmaking To Creating History At Oscars- Guneet Monga’s Inspiring Journey!

The much humble and creative artist is also giving free music-making tutorials on Youtube totally free of cost. He is keen on sharing his valuable knowledge about music with others.‘‘Learning is a tool and Knowledge is wealth’’, says Bups.

We wish the creative artist huge success for his upcoming music projects.

Check out the full interview by clicking on this link here : WATCH NOW

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