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Murder Conspiracy Against Babbu Maan & Mankirt Aulakh 

By: Krishma | March 15, 2023

Recently, the team of Chandigarh operation cell has arrested associates of dreaded gangster group, Bambiha gang where a shocking revelation has come to light. 

The associates revealed that a murder conspiracy against Punjabi singers Babbu Maan and Mankirt Aulakh had been in the works for quite some time. A ‘long range rifle’ was also brought from Jammu and Kashmir to carry out the killings of both the singers. The police have arrested four gangsters from Bambiha group namely- Manu, Aman Kumar, Sanjeev Kumar and Kuldeep. Also Read : Proud! AP Dhillon Yet Again Scripts History After Performing At Juno Awards 2023

Reportedly, during the investigation, it was revealed that Prince, a close friend of infamous gangster Lucky Patial, had called these associates from Canada and asked if they knew anyone in Jammu Kashmir who could help them obtain the long-range weapon.

It is worth-noting that the arrest has been made a day after the TV interview of Lawrence Bishnoi went on-air which triggered a row.

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