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Heart-Warming! Raja Kumari On Working With Sidhu Moosewala!

By: Krishma | February 28, 2023

Slain singer Sidhu Moosewala has to be one of the most influential artists we ever had in the history of Punjabi music industry. His work impacted and inspired many globally including several international sensations like Raja Kumari, Drake, Burna Boy and others.

Well, many of them had planned and wished to collaborate with him but destiny had its own plans.

Luckily, Sidhu Moosewala and Raja Kumari could successfully collaborate for ‘Us’ and the song received absolute love from the audience as well.

Want to know how did this collaboration happen? Go ahead reading! Also Read : Do You Know Karan Aujla Led The Way For Vicky?


In a recent interview, Raja Kumari remembering Sidhu called herself as the ‘biggest fan’ of Sidhu and expressed her admiration towards his musical style. “My favourite song before I worked with him was ‘Same Beef’. So, I had DM’ed him in 2017-18 when that song came out and said I love this song, bro and that was the end of it. After that, I didn’t touch it and quietly watched him”.

However, she would often mention Drake and Sidhu Moosewala as her ‘Dream Collabs’ in the interviews. ‘I wanted to be on that song with both of them but I would just say their names’. Also Read : When Amrit Maan Dreaded His Name Being Struck Off From The College

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It was in during the 2021 pandemic, prior to the second lockdown, she went to Goa and rented a house there and made a ‘Kumari camp’ along with her producer and dance choreographer. One fine day, she got a DM from Sidhu Moosewala. To her surprise, Sidhu went on to like her comments from 2017. “This man opens my DM in 2021, likes the 2017 comments with a message, Hey! I am a huge fan of you! I’ve the cutest voice notes from him. He is just the sweetie pie”

Well, Sidhu offered her a song which Raja apparently expected to be his usual energetic song but was a love song instead. “I wasn’t prepared”. Raja went on to reveal that there is a song in her album where Sidhu was supposed to be on because their deal was verse for verse. Also Read : Babbal Rai’s Take On Constant Comparison With Friend Jassie Gill

Raja calls her relationship with Sidhu a cute one because “I don’t speak Punjabi; he doesn’t really speak English much” and shares that she misses her.

In conclusion, she shared how Sidhu had sent her the track which she recorded the next day and Sidhu too simultaneously announced it the next day. “He made his own cover and just put it out and I was like I am not even done yet!”

Well, one could easily make out from Raja’s experience how much respect she has for Sidhu and how overwhelmed she has been over the collaboration!

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