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Street Talk: Stereotypes Associated With Punjabis

By: Krishma | February 25, 2023

Balle Balle, loud, rude, non-serious…. these are some of the adjectives which are usually associated with Punjabis. Well, Bollywood movies should be held responsible for such a representation but guess these stereotypes over a period became the only identity of Punjabis.

With all the Punjabis these never really got well but this time in the latest episode of Street Talk, Karishma asked to the general public to get their authentic opinions. Also Read : Karanjee Gaba - First Sikh Turbaned Model Of Louis Vuitton

So, many people agreed on the fact that its actually true that many perceive Punjabis being rude because of their language, many highlighted the stereotype of them being non-serious. One of the respondents went on to share how she was looked down upon initially for dressing in simple Punjabi outfits.

Deep down we all know these are mere myths which must be busted soon! Don't you agree? Also Read : 5 Things You Should Know About Punjabi Culture!

You may watch the full episode here and leave your views in the comments section!

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