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Street Talk: True Love Or Dream Job?

By: Krishma | January 30, 2023

As they say, ‘Zindagi vich naukri te chokri’ both are equally important and difficult to find at the same time.

While one’s dream job gives wings to one’s passion, which in turn helps one’s creativity level and professional satisfaction, true love has its own special place.

Though there is no comparison because both are irreplaceable and, when found, complement each other.

This time, Karishma posed this intriguing question to the youngsters, and their responses were even more fascinating. While some respondents believe that there is nothing like true love and that work is more important, others believe that work is temporary and can be changed at any time, but everyone should have a loved one at home with whom they can be themselves. Also Read : Road Leading To Moosa Village To Be Named After Sidhu Moosewala

Well, what is your opinion? Do let us know in the comments section!

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