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Street Talk: Is Love Really Blind?

By: Krishma | January 23, 2023

Being loved is one of the most overwhelming emotions one can experience. That feeling of being head over heels in love with someone you know who genuinely cares about you is indescribable.

However, this love can cause intense pleasure or intense pain in our lives at times. A strong feeling that can transport you to a cloud nine or a dark hole.

One is willing to make all sacrifices for that one person, but things can become toxic when those ‘red flags’ are ignored in a relationship. This is probably one of the reasons why we hear the phrase ‘Love is Blind’ so often. But how true to fact this quote really is? Also Read : Street Talk: First Thing You Notice In The Opposite Gender – Out On Spotify!

Who better to answer it than the public, so Karishma went out in public to ask their opinion on the matter.

While many people shared their negative experiences of falling in love with the ‘wrong’ person who cheated them. On the other hand, some refer to it as a ‘nibba nibbi’ concept, believing that once you reach the age of 25, you become practical and wise. ‘Everything is practical and logical, sab kuch soch kar chalna padta hai’, opines a respondent. Also Read : These Punjabis Married Older Women & Broke All The Stereotypes!

What do you think does one really get ‘blinded’ that they cannot see any of their lover’s flaws.

Drop below your opinions in the comments section!

You may watch the full episode here:

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