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Amidst A Crowd Of Period Films Jindua Is The Only Modern Day Love Triangle!

By: Prakriti | March 16, 2017

Jindua is releasing tomorrow we are very excited about it. The reason for our excitement is not the typical one ke ji han Neeru and Jimmy are back ya anything like it but what excites us is the fact that in a time when all we are seeing is the normal rom-com or period films, Jindua comes in as a breathe of fresh air.

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At least there is something different for the audience to watch. Undoubtedly, Punjabi movies have a set pattern.

When the wave of comedy movies started, we absolutely didn’t get anything else than the useless comedy movies with same characters same confusion!

I was absolutely so done.

Later came the era of rom-com movies which had romance and comedy. Just too many of them yet again. Similar movies over and over again. The era of flop Bollywood actresses entering Pollywood was another one that bored many.

Not many artistes had the zeal to make something different. The ones who tried to do something different took a big risk. Sometimes it was a downfall like Sikander, and sometimes it became a hit like Eh Janam Tumhare Lekhe.

But still..all we see these days is Period movies!

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Starting from Mithi Na Pharol Jogiya, Angrej to Bambukhat and upcoming ones like Bhalwan Singh and many others.

Now we have Jindua, the movie that stands completely alone from the general trend prevailing thesedays. Jindua is a movie based on a modern day love triangle.

Sargun and Neeru are crazy after Jimmy Sheirgill (though we all are crazy for him but..)

Its pleasing to see that the director Navaniat Singh took the initiative to show that girls can also like a guy and can propose to him. There are no set rules in love.

Trust me..we are a little too tired of watching yellow backdrop and going back in time kinda movies. We really wanted to see some exotic locations and love happening in the current century.

The director and the storywriter have gone bold in showing the other side too. They've shown Neeru doing an off-beat job.

Girls being a singer?

When was the last time we saw a girl being so extrovert in a Punjabi movie? In Punjabi movies we hardly see the girl working or all that she's shown doing in a movie is teaching. Directly jumping from the era of girl being a school teacher to a rockstar!

That is a big leap.

The styling, the costume and freshness that the movie offers is what has made it a much awaited flick. Jindua seems to be the first experimental attempt of 2017 and because it is releasing tomorrow, we just hope it lives up to our expectations.

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At least we will get a break from looking at the “pind diyan gallian” and can watch beautiful serene locations.

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