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Street Talk: Who Is An Ideal Partner – Out On Spotify!

By: Krishma | November 10, 2022

Being in a relationship is one thing and to have a long-lasting relationship is another. Of course, it is important for one to have a great partner but let’s accept that there is no such thing as the perfect partner but we can surely expect to have an ideal partner.

Now the definition of an ideal partner may vary from person to person. So, this time Karishma chose this couple-friendly question to ask random people about their expectations and qualities in their ideal partner. Also Read : Street Talk: Are Women Difficult To Understand? - Out On Spotify!

While girls with a long list suggest that your best friend should be your partner. After that they do expect some sort of maturity and understanding from the guy.

On the other hand, boys too are not less. Their long list includes an innocent and sweet girl who should be trustworthy. Different from the rest and away from INTOXICANTS.

Well, we are sure even you must also be looking for some kind of qualities in your ideal partner. Feel free to share with us in the comments section!

Btw the show is also out on Spotify which you can listen by clicking on the link attached. LISTEN NOW!!



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