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Street Talk: Are Women Difficult To Understand? - Out On Spotify!

By: Krishma | November 3, 2022

Be it in movies or society in general, we’ve always heard that women are difficult to understand! Haven’t you?

Hands down, women do have a lot of mood swings. They be smiling one moment and angry the second but what do general audience think about this notion? In the latest episode of Street Talk, Karishma asked random people this question where some of them shared that it all depends upon the experience and communication that one has with the other gender irrespective of male and female. Also Read : Wow! Yograj Singh Comes On Board For Kamal Haasan’s ‘Indian 2’

While some girls admit that girls are at times difficult to handle but some feel munde kite tan adjust karan.

The hilarious episode is already out on Spotify and you can watch the episode too out here! LISTEN NOW

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