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Street Talk: Why Do People Get Insecure From Their Partner's Best Friend?

By: Krishma | September 26, 2022

You must have observed couples fighting and being possessive of one another while you were in a relationship. Well, there are various causes for this insecurity, but everyone would agree that the ‘Best Friend's Partner’ is one of the major ones.

Who wouldn’t agree? The situation is so incredibly relatable. Don’t trust us? 

When we recently posed this question to a random group of individuals, everyone not only agreed with it but also shared their personal experiences. Also Read : Street Talk: LGBTQ Special, Out On Spotify!


One guy outright admitted that his girlfriend’s best friend was the primary reason for their split and another claimed that the jealousy is a sign of immaturity. Another person revealed that his girlfriend would frequently make up stories about travelling with her family while spending time with her ‘best’ friend, who she is presently dating.

Well! Well! Real tension exists! This episode, which is both timely and entertaining, may be seen here.



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