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Shareek 2 Trailer Review: Goosebumps! This One Could Be A Relieving Change For Punjabi Movie Goers

By: Gurleen | June 22, 2022

Well! Well! we are back with our yet another trailer review and this time of the much-awaited film, ‘Shareek 2’ starring Jimmy Sheirgill, Dev Kharoud and Sharan Kaur in lead roles.

For our viewers who think we are too late for the review, let us tell you, we wanted to watch the trailer at least twice before making up our mind on what we felt since the very day this film was announced, expectations were way too high. And why not?

Both these lead actors are amongst our favourites who’ve changed the dimension of Punjabi Cinema ever since they’ve entered the industry. So, seeing these two confront each other on screen as ‘Shareeks’ was in itself a very exciting point because the two have always maintained their action hero and lover boy images and here we are seeing both the aspects equally well through their respective characters.

However, we can also see that their love interest is common and their rift is garnished well by the act of a seasoned actor like Mukul Dev who in himself is a powerhouse of talent.

Frankly, kind of feel Navaniat Singh is best suited for such films because his directorial skills come to life really well when he makes films like these especially the family dramas. It’s been a while since we’ve seen such a Punjabi film on the big screen and the good part is that it doesn’t have any unnecessary comedy added to it, atleast we couldn’t see any of the well known comic faces doing their supporting act to pull up the energy of the trailer.

We didn’t even see any hoohaa around the wedding sequence or any unwanted item number, promotional track or song being pushed in the trailer for attention. But we certainly don’t know what the film holds for us.

Talking about the storyline, we think it is apt for those who know the Punjabi gone age zimidars. People will connect with the story because there were families who had cordial relationships among themselves but later on found out that there is another relationship that the man carries and which has budded into an extended family and the latter demands social recognition.

Though this aspect has been experimented in Bollywood before and we’ve seen such films there but here in Punjabi industry, I think Shareek 2 is one of the few films that talks about it.

Here, the man is not fighting for a chunk of land but a family name and in his fight, he is seen losing his lover, his close ones and ultimately this fight turns bloody leaving each one of the leads blood thirsty.

Of course, it is a pleasure to see Jimmy back on screen and that too with a seasoned actor like Dev Kharoud, and all this under the direction of Navaniat Singh. Undoubtedly, expectations are way too high!

About the leading lady, Sharan Kaur, she is definitely the centre point in this film but before commenting on her acting we’d still want to see more of her.

It is important to mention here that we do see glimpses of some scenes from the first part probably because it is coming from the same director. But let’s just overlook this aspect.

Rest, the trailer is totally crisp and we can’t contain our rush of energy - we’re already having goosebumps. I believe that Shareek 2 is one of those films which offers it’s best when previewed cinematically. Let’s just hope that it matches to our level of expectations.

Fingers crossed let’s see what July 8 has in store for us.

By the way, we really missed Mahie Gill in this film, a little glimpse of her in any character could have been an added treat.



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