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Was Sidhu Moosewala Always Prepared For His Death?

By: Krishma | June 22, 2022

Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala’s shocking demise on May 29 was a big loss to the entire Punjabi music industry. His contribution in the music industry was such that no one can ever fill in for him.  This iconic star’s music was straight from his heart with no filter attached. He never really shied away from sharing what he felt.

Along with several superhit songs that he left behind as a legacy, Sidhu also sang some songs where he talked openly about the negativity which surrounded him.

Now after his death, these songs make us feel as if Sidhu was already mentally prepared for his death. We are mentioning the verse wherein he has spoken something alarming. Have a look! Also Read : These Sidhu Moosewala Songs Are Beyond Violence, Politics Or Gun Culture!


“suno saukhi naiyo fame gall kahan jo dil di ae

Dhamki sawere chah na goli aali mildi ae

Tension na koi, na hi pay na hi bill di ae

Wait rehndi kehdi goli seena mera chhildi ae”


"Ho chobbar de chehre utte noor dasda ae

Ehda uthuga jawani ch janaaza mithiye"


"Kayi oh ne jinna ton ve use ni hoya

Kayi nave bane vairi munhon bole yaar ne

Aim kise da te kihdi kado game ho jau

Fayida kise da hor koi blame ho jau

Kayi shooter ta tere picche ess gallon ne

Goli sidhu de je mari sadda namе ho jau"


"Ho dil vich dard ae anttan da

Suicidal thought ne dimaag ch

Ho chitt naa koi karda bulaun nu

Haan chitt naiyon karda kise nu bulaun nu

Hann chitt naiyon karda jiyon nu"


"Mukk da ni chheti jehda AK da clip aa

Mukkne de baad vi main rest in power aan ni

Aam nahiyon jusse jehde hunde saale RIP aa

Yaaran di tu gall chhad anti saade fan aa

Kise naal bond nahiyon rabb naal sign aa"


"Vajji te tu sochi na main mukk jaunga

Ni mere yaaran di baahan te mere tattoo bane

Oh lok nahio saare mere yaar jaan'de

Late nahio kitta ji great lagguga

Boht dekhi mera kivein gaut ban'na

Jee lavaan thoda kar wait lagguga"


"Ho saade lekhan ch kacheriye thaane ni

Saade lekhan ch

Lekhan ch kacheriyan thaane

Life saddi hundi ghat ni ghat ni

Ho ankh naal jeyo ke zindagi

Challeya jatt ni..challeya jatt ni"


Strangely, there is an uncanny coincidence between the title of the track, ‘295’ and the singer’s date of death. Though this track talked about several socio-political issues.  


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