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Mahi Mera Nikka Jeha Trailer Review: Can We Expect ‘Heights’ Of Comedy?

By: Gurleen | May 16, 2022

Pukhraj Bhalla and Hashneen Chauhan starrer ‘Mahi Mera Nikka Jeha’ was announced in the latter part of 2021. Ever since fans have been waiting for this one and now the trailer of the film has dropped today. Thus, we too are back with our review!

So, looking at the trailer which was apparent from the title too, the film is going to be a story about a short heighted man who falls in love with a relatively tall girl. To create further twist in the story, the girl’s father is also shown as a short heighted man which leads to her mother’s obsession of getting her daughter married to a tall boy. The film also portrays daily life struggles that this generations faces. Also Read : Saunkan Saunkne Movie Review: A Full Paisa Vasool Entertainer

Now, talking about the trailer, this one looks like a laughter ride as we see typical comedy in the trailer. As soon as we saw the trailer, we burst out laughing with hilarious punches in it.

The film is also going to feature brilliant actors like Anita Devgan, Jaswinder Bhalla, Sukhi Chahal, Honey Mattu and others in the supporting roles which surely promise a good dose of comedy. Not just the comedy, the film also touches upon a romantic angle ofcourse. The chemistry between both the leads looks great but still we’ll wait for the movie.

So, talking about the overall feel of the trailer, it sounds really hilarious. Apart from this, it really feels good to see our Punjabi cinema also touching newer and sensitive topics like these in a comical manner.

At the same time, some section of the society might get offened over the fact that such sensitive topics are being dealt in a hilarious manner but we feel, Punjabi filmmakers trying their hands on such projects has actually started the conversation which is a positive sign.

Well, now the film will also make us laugh hysterically and is as funny as it promises in the trailer, will be revealed once the film hit the theatres.

How did you like the trailer, do let us know in the comments section.

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