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Keep These Points In Mind, If You Carry The Torch For A Punjabi ‘Mutiyaar!

By: Krishma | May 1, 2022

It's very important to make sure that you make no stone unturned while ensuring the happiness of your partner. So, thus in case you have a crush on a Punjaban, dating one or intend to, here is a list of pointers to ensure that you know everything about her.


1. She Wears Her Heart On Her Sleeve :

Without any doubt a Punjabi girl is the strongest of all but still she can be very emotional at times. Thus, she can vent out her true feelings right at you, so comfort her during her vulnerable times. Also Read : Punjabi Munda Vicky Kaushal Lost These Crucial Roles Before Making It Big In B-Town!


2. She Loves Little ‘Mirch’ Masala In Life

You can surely call her a ‘drama queen’ but she really loves to spice things up by mere exaggeration. You won’t mind little mirch masala in your daily life! Do you? Also Read : Tell Me Without Telling Me You’re Attending A Punjabi Wedding!


3. Self Respect:

Don’t you ever…I repeat never ever make her feel that she can’t do certain thing because she has a lot of self-respect which she guards by proving wrong those who doubt her.

4. Great Sense Of Humour

If you are dating a Punjabi girl, you are dating a true entertainer! She has an extremely great sense of humour, thus can uplift your mood at your lowest.

5. Doesn’t Appreciate Show Off

Not at all! Yes, Punjabi’s have a flambouyant life which they call ‘king size’ but still she would never appreciate show off. So thus, by any chance don’t you make her feel that how great you are…just be kind and ground. She would eventually notice!


6. Party Animal:

She is a true party animal and life of the party. She knows well to enjoy every moment in the life. With her infectious energy, she would meet everyone with utmost warmth. Everyone around her is sure to have fun! Also Read : Punjabi Wedding Playlist Without Which Every ‘Vyaah’ Is Incomplete!


7. Loves Food:

This is a universal truth for all the Punjabis though. She loves her food and just in case, she is pissed at you, take her out on a date with you for the delicious food and she is all happy again.


8. Loves Her Family:

She has a good sense of humour and can crack you up anytime but mind yourself before making any joke about her family. She cannot…just cannot stand any mean joke and that too on her family. Well, that’s a green signal when it comes to your family too. I mean how protective she must be!


9. Love You With All Her Heart:

No denial, Punjabi’s are way straight forward. So a Punjabi girl would either love her heart out or she would not at all. There is no mid way. She doesn’t belive in any hypocricy or double standards. Also Read : Times When Kiara Advani Played The Punjabi 'Kudi' Onscreen



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