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“Mai” OTT Series Review

By: Harleen Kaur | April 22, 2022

The web series ‘Mai’, which was released recently, has grabbed the limelight on OTT. The series features Sakshi Tanwar, Wamiqa Gabbi, Seema Pahwa and Raima Sen in lead roles. So let us dive into the review and discuss the story, concept and acting in this series!

Well if we talk about the concept of the film, it is something that we have already seen, be it in Sri Devi’s ‘Mom (2017)’ or Raveena Tandon’s ‘Maatr (2017)’. However, the series still brings something new to the table and hence is being watched and liked by many. Also Read: The B-Town Star Helen Has Acted In A Punjabi Film Too!


The story revolves around a mom, whose daughter dies in a hit-and-run case, but when the mother starts getting hints that it was not an accident and instead a planned murder, she seeks revenge.

During her journey where she looks for the culprits behind her daughter’s death, we see a drastic shift in Sakshi Tanwar’s character from a sweet, innocent mother to her vengeful side, which is full of rage and anger towards the world.

On the other hand, the daughter, Supriya (played by Wamiqa Gabbi) is a mute comedian whose character has multiple complex shades which are unveiled during the whole series as the mystery unravels. Also Read: Hey Wait! Sufna 2 On The Way?

So even though the story is not something new, it doesn’t feel repetitive since it adds new perspectives and keeps the viewer engrossed.


Coming to the acting part of the series, when we thing about Sakshi Tanwar it creates a certain image of her which was portrayed in her career in television, cut to this web series where Tanwar shows us not just a versatility in her skill but also the impactfulness, emotional range and powerful expressions which proves her mastery overacting.

Moreover, when producers and makers cast and make a bet on such experienced actors, it proves fruitful since their acting is so compelling that neither the makers nor the audience feels anything lacking. Also Read: Wow! Badshah’s Next Song Has International Artists JBalvin And Tainy In It!

Moving on to Wamiqa Gabbi, even though it felt like Gabbi’s part in the series would be quite short owing to her death, but we were proven wrong when she had an important part to play in every episode of the series. She was given a slot in the beginning of every episode where there was a flashback which helped the storyline move even further.

Undoubtedly, Gabbi’s acting was upto par and she did complete justice to the character she was given. Other than this, the rest of the cast has done excellent work. Be it Raima Sen, who depicted everything perfectly with her eyes and expression or be it Seema Pahwa, who did what was asked and played her role well, the overall casting was golden.


The series was co-directed by Atul Mongia (who was the writer as well) and Anshai Lal. After all the praises for the acting and story, the direction is something that we felt lacked in some aspects. During the 6 episode long series, many factors appeared stretched more than the requirement. Also Read: Bhindder Burj Turns Singer!

On one hand the slow pace of the series took away the viewer’s interest, on the other hand, the fact that some characters like Sheel’s husband Yash were not substantiated enough, which was a huge disappointment.

Moreover, the web series has been put forward as a crime, thriller and suspenseful series, but, the thrill and suspense part of the series was not as great as expected. So these small points when put together failed the web series in some parts as it couldn’t grab our attention completely!


Overall, the series is good but a one-time watch. Also, it follows the general trend of OTT which is the genre of dark crime/ mystery stories which, to be truthful is becoming boring and predictable now. So my one suggestion would be that OTT projects should explore a new genre now. Also Read: What’s The Story Behind Shri Talhan Sahib, The Gurudwara That Confirms Your Trip Abroad?

Lastly, the web series is stretched too much which makes it a slow burn. At the same time, I cannot emphasize and appreciate Sakshi Tanwar’s performance enough in the whole series! It is solely Tanwar’s act that brings the whole series to the next level.

Stars: 3.5/5   


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