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Harbhajan Mann Movies Related To Punjabiyat - Your Kids Must Watch!

By: Ishpreet | February 15, 2017

Harbhajan Mann, a celebrated singer, actor and producer, is known for bringing about a revolution in the Punjabi film Industry. He is acknowledged as a versatile actor, who has always been a part of movies which are quality driven and impart a powerful message to the masses.

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Hailing from Canada, Mann kick started his career as a singer in Punjab during the early 90’s and gained immense recognition. His popularity as a singer fetched him a lot of acting roles. He debuted as an actor with the movie ‘Jee Aayan Nu’ and since then there has been no looking back for him. His movies represent the true colors and rich cultures of Punjab. Every movie has raised a social issue that was being faced by the people in Punjab and the theme of the movies was presented so beautifully that it stirred one's emotions.

His roles have always been very distinct and meaningful, which left one pondering about the realities of those times.

Here are a few thought-provoking movies of Harbhajan Mann that every Punjabi child must watch -

Jee Aayan Nu

The movie starring Harbhajan Mann and Priya Gill as main leads, revolves around how people of Punjab are constantly migrating to western countries. There is a craze among the youth to settle abroad. The movie also shows the struggles of these people once they start living there. Their work and other commitments keep them so occupied that they are unable to come back albeit a yearning desire to meet their dear ones. It raises another concern of how girls are made to marry NRI’s against their will, following which they suffer endless hardships in the foreign land. Also, the comparison between the lives of people living in Canada and Punjab is also very well projected.

The movie conveys a very meaningful message that every Punjabi, who is residing abroad, should always stay connected to their roots. In the mad race for money, one should not neglect the value of relationships.

Jag Jeondeyan De Mele

The blockbuster movie, Jag Jeondeyan De Mele, portrays a beautiful message to the masses that love is eternal, unconditional and undying. With Tulip Joshi and Harbhajan Mann as main leads, the movie is the one that people will cherish forever. This love story conveys that you don’t die for the one you love rather you live for them. In every moment of your life, you cherish the times you had spent together and if you are lucky enough, life will give you another chance to fall in love. Mann has done an incredible job with his role. All his emotions were powerfully depicted throughout the movie.

The movie also depicts that caste system is still prevalent and destroying the society. We should all realise that its time to eradicate inferiority-superiority gap from its roots before it’s too late.

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Asa Nu Maan Watna Da

The story revolves around a family unit, with two brothers having a loving bond. The elder brother, Kanwaljit Singh, resides in Canada and his younger brother, Deep Singh, in Punjab. Initially the movie depicts the lives of Punjabis who are living in Canada. In the second half, the movie is filmed in the lush green fields of Punjab. Harbhajan Mann, son of Kanwaljit Singh, who is essaying a role of a student, constantly reinforces the cultures and social values of Punjab in the audience’s minds.

The movie is based on the challenges that people face when they wish to return to their homeland after a prolonged stay abroad. The movie shows how the bond between these two brothers weakens when the elder brother decides to return back to Punjab, permanently. With this decision, the younger brother becomes insecure and ends up conspiring against him. Eventually, the movie ends on a positive note when Deep realises his mistake. Filmed in Canada and Punjab, the movie is a celebration of brotherhood and togetherness.

Mitti Wajaan Maardi

The movie depicts how the Punjabis move abroad in search of better future prospects. Eventually they find themselves trapped in the foreign land and are not able to return. Surjit Singh, played by Kanwaljit Singh, moves to America leaving behind his wife and a 2-year-old daughter. To acquire citizenship, he gets married for the second time to an American citizen. Later when Surjit Singh is on the deathbed, he asks his son Varyam, played by Harbhajan Mann, to visit Punjab and meet his family there.

The movie sends forth a message that there is a growing obsession among Punjabis to move to the West and to fulfil this desire they can go to any extent. There are so many cases where people adopt illegal ways to settle in foreign land.  Also, the value of relationships is fading with each passing day. People in India are known for respecting and maintaining everlasting relationships and we should make sure that we carry forward this lineage.

Heer Ranjha

Heer and Ranjha are the epitome of true love and sacrifice, and the movie does full justice in portraying this. It is an inspiration for the society, which has forgotten the values of love. Today, when dating has become the new age love, every youngster needs to watch this film to know what love actually stands for.

The movie will stir your emotions and make you believe in love again. The actors in the movie, Harbhajan Mann and Neeru Bajwa, have portrayed their characters very well and the story is picturised beautifully, keeping the authenticity intact.

Mera Pind

The movie is about awakening the conscience of today's youth to motivate them for doing something for their motherland. Today, brain drain has become an issue of concern as an increasing number of youngsters are permanently settling abroad.

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Set on the similar theme, this movie shows how an NRI, Navroz Singh Lamba, essayed by Navjot Singh Sidhu, returns to his native village to empower the people and bring about an overall development of the place. Another lead is played by Harbhajan Mann, as Himmat, a fervent youth who is totally dedicated to bring an evolution in the same village. Himmat’s sincere efforts clubbed with Navroz’s enterprising initiatives, transforms the village into a modern community.

Overall the movie encourages the rising generation to understand their responsibility towards their homeland and inculcates the idea that self empowerment and entrepreneurship can bring about a twofold growth: personal and economic.

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