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A New Bakery In Town: ‘The Cake Studio’ Has Opened In Kharar!

By: Jasmine Singh | April 8, 2022

Everyone likes cakes, don’t they, now you might like a different flavor than I do but it's not like people dislike cakes. So it is, without doubt, a happy feeling when a new bakery opens up near you that you can visit and enjoy the desserts from. Similarly, ‘The Cake Studio’ inaugurated its store this week!

What’s more, the location of this studio is prime as there are no other bakeries nearby for the passers, as of now. Not to keep you in suspense, The Cake Studio is located on the Kurali-Kharar Highway, ready to provide an escape for the daily travelers from their journey. Also Read: Did You Know Surveen Chawla Did Not Want To Become An Actor?

Talking about the inaugural function, it was attended not just by friends and family but even many political leaders and famous singers like Satwinder Bugga, Gurkripal Soorapuri, Surjit Khan, Jelly, Bhupinder Gill, Bunty Arora, Gurbakhsh Shawki, Amar Sandhu, Mix Singh and even actor Pawan Johal.

But who came up with the idea?

Well, The Cake Studio is a family business as it has been opened by two brothers— Arun Gautam and Samiksh Gautam. What’s more is that they provide a variety of cakes and flavours from the classics like vanilla, chocolate, butterscotch and fresh fruit to extravagant ones like red velvet or coffee. Also Read: The Female Lead In This Punjabi Song Is Harrdy Sandhu’s Wife!?

Not just flavor, even the variety of cakes they provide is extensive. So be it a themed cake for any event or a cartoon character cake, you know where you can get it from now! Also, for all the Indians worried about their options being limited cause of their vegetarian lifestyle, fret not, this bakery provides all this without putting eggs in their cake!

Last, but most importantly for those who refrain from getting a cake of their choice thanks to high prices, as the owner Samiksh Gautam says, The Cake Studio provides a wide range of options at low rates so that everyone can enjoy it without worrying too much! Also Read: A Funny Incident In Rupan Bal’s Life That Led Him To Acting!

Watch what all the people who attended the inauguration have to say about the place here:

So when are you planning to visit the place?    


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