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Here's Why Kanth Kaler Doesn't Like Mumbai!

By: Harleen Kaur | March 29, 2022

Like every other star of his era, the sad melody king Kanth Kaler has an inseparable love for his roots. There is an old expression that says “though you can take someone out of a place, you can't take the place out of a person.” Similarly, Kanth Kaler has everything today and there is hardly anything that is beyond his reach. Everything right from name, fame, and success is under his feet.

But surprisingly all of this hasn't changed him even a bit. Despite being a famous celebrity in India and abroad, the 49-year-old spends his life like an ordinary person. Even today, he likes to spend most of his free time in his native village, which is located in the Jalandhar district. Also Read: 5 Gurdas Maan Movies You Shouldn't Miss If You Are A Die-Hard Fan!

A perfect family man who always keeps his family at the top of his priority list, Kaler, his parents, and his two brothers stay with him under one roof even today. Despite having all the resources in his kitty to afford a grand house in Chandigarh or any other city, he chose to settle down in his hometown near his village so that he can stay connected to his roots.

Not just his critics but even his fans criticize him for not giving a try to Bollywood as a rare talent like him has a lot of scope in Bollywood. On this criticism, he says that though he travels to Mumbai every now and then regarding his work, he always feels like rushing back to Punjab, setting everything aside as the solace and peace, which he gets in Punjab is missing in Mumbai. This is why he eagerly waits for the end of his pre-decided schedule in Mumbai. Also Read: Arjun Tendulkar Is A Sharry Mann Fan! Do You Know Who Else He Listens To?

And because he doesn't stay in Mumbai for too long, he doesn't take much interest in Bollywood. Kanth Kaler says that the peace and ease which is present in his songs is due to his surrounding, which he gets only in his village. The vibes of his surroundings bring the best out of him each time.

So guys what is your take on Kanth Kaler's opinions? Do let us know in the comments below. Also Read: Jeeto— A Powerful Awareness Initiative By Deep Shergill Supported by Fauja Singh & Priya Dutt


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