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Mankirt Aulakh Receives Extortion Call, Seeks Security Cover 

By: Jasmine Singh | March 24, 2022

Punjabi singer Mankirt Aulakh is known for his chakwein songs like ‘Badnaam’, ‘Vail’, ‘Gangland’, ‘8 Raflaan’ and others. It has recently come to light that the singer is getting extortion calls from a gang due to which he has requested the Punjab government for security cover.

Gangster activity in Punjab is on a rise with cases like shots being fired at Karan Aujla’s alleged house, the killing of Kabaddi player Sandeep Ambian Nangal in broad daylight and now death threats to Mankirt Aulakh! Also Read: Punjabi Munda Vicky Kaushal Lost These Crucial Roles Before Making It Big In B-Town!

Basically, the Lucky Patial group, which is involved in gangster activity, has indirectly threatened the singer. To tell you, the Lucky Patial group already has 12 cases against them and further charges for death threats and extortion. Also, this is the same group that fired shots at Parmish Verma in the past.

The case ties in with the recent killing of international Kabaddi player, Sandeep Nangal. The interrogation officer in charge of the Nangal case revealed that during the interrogation with the suspects of Nangal’s murder, it came to light that Aulakh is supposedly the group’s next target.

It has also been mentioned that not just the Lucky Patial group but even the Davinder Bambiha group has been targeting the singer. Also Read: Chotta Sardar Zorawar Singh: Another Punjabi Film Announced!

Moreover, the group has already looked at and done a few recces of the singer’s location and schedule. After hearing this, the officer alerted Aulakh as a result of which he has even increased his security. Even though the government has already provided some security to the singer, he has requested more cover owing to his public appearances and stage shows.

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