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Craving For A Free Meal? Grab It Here!

By: Krishma | March 20, 2022

As they say Punjabi’s especially sikh community are larger than life and kind hearted people. Time and again this community has proved their benevolence with their humanitarian efforts. Be it the pandemic times or the most recent one when a food truck named ‘Guru Nanak’s Langar, Goodbye Hunger’ came forward to serve food to Ukranians after Russian invasion.

But this is not always when such an emergency occurs but there is a place where you can anytime to end your hunger with tasty food and that too free! Don’t believe? Okay, before you start scratching your head let us tell you, we are talking about the ‘langars’ that are being organized in Gurudwaras which is open to everyone regardless of faith, cast and creed. Also Read : Karan Johar’s Uncontrollable Punjabi Habit!

For those who don’t know, let us tell you, the practice of Langar was introduced by the founder of Sikhism, Guru Nanak Dev Ji as he always believed in the oneness of humanity. He used to offer free meals to everyone irrespective of their caste, gender or wealth. It was a place where everyone used to gather and eat together. Also Read : 10 Reasons Why A Punjabi Girl Is The Perfect Date!

Another theory that is being considered behind the practice of Langar is that when people would come to Guru Amar Das Ji to consult about their religious matters, they were always treated to a meal before the talks began. The meal which was prepared and served with the help of everyone, was being served to everyone and treated the same from emperors to servants alike. Also Read : Do You Know Diljit Dosanjh Was Not The First Choice For ‘Soorma’?

Well, apart from being a life saving activity, this practice clearly sends out a message of unity and service (sewa).

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