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TV Serial Actress Srishti Jain To Step Foot In The Punjabi Industry

By: Jasmine Singh | March 16, 2022

New faces enter the Punjabi film industry every day. In most cases, they are unknown people starting out their careers. However, the actress we are mentioning today is one who has worked in the Hindi TV industry for a long time. Yes, it is the ‘Hamari Wali Good News’ actress Srishti Jain! Also Read: Aakanksha Sareen To Make Her Singing Debut In Pollywood!

Jain is all set to make her entry into the Punjabi film industry with an action-packed, romantic genre film, which as the actress says is one of its kind in the industry. To give you a little background, Jain began her career at the mere age of 18 years old and has been in it for 7 years now. 

Jain shared that, “My last show was Hamari Wali Good News, even before I took on the show I had been contemplating trying out different mediums and exploring. Post the wrap-up, I decided I needed a little change and we all look to grow and branch out and experiment. While I’m super grateful to the TV industry, it has made me who I am today. So much love and appreciation I’ve received. But I wanted to take a break and work on myself and keep the door open for other opportunities in different mediums.”

Moreover, the actress clarified that this is just a break to try out different mediums and is not completely cutting off from TV, after all, TV, where she started out, will always be her safe haven. Also Read: Lekh Trailer Review: Swaad Aagya! What A Lovely Trailer

She even adds that daily soaps really help shape an artist. “See everything has its own limitations but TV will have you doing 13 scenes a day, you’ll cry in the morning, you’ll laugh in the scene right after and maybe be angry post that! Like I said, it really polishes you as an artist and you get to showcase your range as a performer!” says Jain.

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