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The Reason You Will Always See Bhagwant Mann In A Yellow Turban!

By: Jasmine Singh | March 14, 2022

After the recent Punjab elections, comedian turned politician Bhagwant Singh Mann has been in the limelight, for all the right reasons! However, during the time we realized that every picture or video of Mann showcases him in a yellow-colored turban. This got the wheels turning in our heads and we set out to find out the reason. So if you are also interested in knowing the story behind this, continue reading ahead!

After some research, we found an old video of Mann where he reveals the story behind his yellow turban. Mann dictates the events as such… Also Read: Abhishek Bachchan To Play Sahir Ludhianvi In His Biopic, Sanjay Leela Bhansali To Produce!

“When I won MPship in 2014, the first thing I did was go to Katkar Kalan, Shaheed Bhagat Singh’s birth village. It wasn’t the first time, even as an artist whenever I bought a new car every 2-3 years, I would take it to Katkar Kalan straight from the showroom to dedicate it to Bhagat Singh and I would think ‘It is because of you that we have our own houses, cars or we would still be British slaves’.

I did the same with my certificate, while other MPs go to their mentors and present their win, I went and kept the certificate in the Bhagat Singh statue in the village and said, ‘I know this MPship doesn’t matter to you, it isn’t even 0.01% of your sacrifice but I am going to the same Lok Sabha where you threw a bomb to open the deaf government’s ears at that time and now I’m going to open the Government’s ears with my words and I will do so by wearing your color— your Basanti colored turban’.” Also Read: 5 Classics Of Late Jaspal Bhatti Which Must Be On Your Watchlist!

Hence began Mann’s journey to bring a change in Punjab. Most of us are aware that Mann takes huge inspiration from the freedom fighter Bhagat Singh and this is yet another incident that proves his devotion towards Bhagat Singh. Not just this, he even announced that he will take his oath in Katkar Kalan on 16th March 2022 as Punjab’s newly-elected CM.

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