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A Mythological Tale Which Changed Surveen Chawla's Life Forever!

By: Jasmine Singh | March 8, 2022

We all have that one song, one story or one quote which always plays the role of an energy booster for us when the wind is unfavorable. That one song, story, poem or quote carries a kind of magical energy with itself, which pumps you up whenever you feel like being down in life. And once your mind and body get charged, magic is bound to happen.

Likewise the B-Town diva Surveen Chawla too has a hidden weapon in her kitty, which keeps her going all the while despite all the pressures and expectations. A typical Chandigarh’ian by nature, Surveen traveled all the way to Mumbai at a very young age and the thing which took her that far was a dream. A dream which overshadowed everything and gave courage to her. Also Read: Wedding Bells On The Way For Punjabi Singer Millind Gaba And Girlfriend Pria Beniwal!

But initially, things were not easy for her. Everything, right from intense competition to a hectic work schedule and pressure to deliver was enough to break down a young girl who had no one to encourage her. Recalling that time Surveen says she felt like giving up and going back to Chandigarh many times.

However, a few moments were more than enough to turn the tables. Young Surveen once came across a Buddhist mythological story and things eventually started falling in line for the actress. The story was of a monk who was out on an 11-day journey. Everything was all set till the 9th day and he was just 2 days away from his destination. Also Read: Is This Really Garry Sandhu's Son?

But things became worse for him when he got stuck in the midst of a storm. Things were getting worse for him with each passing moment and things deteriorated to such an extent that this young monk felt like going back. However, the very next moment he said to himself that he is just a day away from his destination and going back from this point would put all his hard work of 9 days into the trash. So the Monk stood by his journey and decided to move ahead. And finally, he was able to reach his destination successfully on the 11th day. 

This was the story that changed the life of Surveen forever and even today this tale acts as an energy tonic for her, whenever the going gets tough. So like Surveen if you too have any such inspirational story, poem or song in your kitty, then do let us know in the comments. Also Read: Do You Know How Sardar Sohi Got To Work With Gulzar?

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