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“Sing Or Get Punished”, Why Did Kanth Kaler's Teacher Say So?

By: Harleen Kaur | March 5, 2022

In every classroom, there are three types of students. The first tribe is of the first benchers who usually stay ahead in every academic activity. These students are amongst the favorites of their teachers. The other tribe is of last benchers, who are usually not much interested in academics but they stay at the forefront in every extra co-curricular activity. Usually, backbenchers are quite vocal about each and every happening in the classroom.

The third and the last species are the middle benchers who are neither very vocal nor very bold. The middle benchers tribe often gets neglected in the spat of first benchers and last benchers. They generally take joy in silently observing the war of first benchers and last benchers. Middle benchers only come into the limelight when they fall prey to the mischievousness of the other two categories. Also Read: Ammy Virk And Wamiqa Gabbi To Be Seen Together In ‘ArjanTina’!

They are often dragged into the game when they are forced to take lead by their teachers and classmates. Something similar was the story of Sad melody king Kanth Kaler. He belonged to the category of middle-benchers, who would shy away whenever he was asked to sing. 

His classmates were well aware of his talent and they were the ones who would often push him but young Harvinder Kaler would restrain himself due to his shyness. One such instance changed his life forever when he was asked to choose between punishment and singing by his teacher. Also Read: The ‘Sanu Tedi Tedi Takdi Tu’ Model Gurleen Chopra, What Is She Doing Now?

It happened when his teacher was once asking every student one by one to step ahead and perform. When no one chose to obey his will he asked the entire class as to who can sing a song. Suddenly, someone from the students spelled the name of Harvinder Singh.

When his teacher and fellow mates asked him to sing a song, he initially showed some reluctance. Suddenly the teacher placed two options ahead of Young Kaler by asking him either to sing or take any punishment. Also Read: Kulwinder Billa Turns Producer With 'Chal Jindiye'! 

Like a smart chap, Kanth Kaler went ahead with the first option and performed a song. The whole classroom erupted with claps in admiration of his performance. Looking back, Kaler says “that was the moment which ended the last bit of remaining hesitation from within my inner self”.

Well, if it wasn't for that teacher, the world might not have got a chance to listen to the voice of Kanth Kaler!

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